10 Powerful Quotes That Will Inspire You To Take Action [LIVE]

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[live time=”15:18″ title=”The Race Started”]The race start was in Dublin Castle, with a great atmosphere in those historic surroundings. The race convoy has now rolled out of there and is waiting for the go near the quays. The riders are behind us and will follow shortly, travelling up the quays, through the Phoenix Park and out to Clonee.[/live]

[live time=”13:15″ title=”The Riders Has Moved”]The riders have moved through the Phoenix Park and we are approaching Clonee. It was raining; it has stopped. Fingers crossed for the week ahead…the An Post Rás is known for tough weather conditions but, at times, editions are run off in blazing sunshine. We’ll wish for the latter…[/live]

[live time=”10:58″ title=”Moment Now”]We’ve reached Clonee, so the action is due to begin any moment now.[/live]

[live time=”03:05″ title=”Sean McKenna”]Sean McKenna has attacked and has 100 metres of an advantage. He’s riding with the Cork Aquablue team and is one of the top Irish riders here.[/live]

[live time=”02:28″ title=”Back Together”]That’s not going to happen this time around, though – it’s all back together.[/live]

[live time=”01:25″ title=”Stephen Murray”]Another attack goes and establishes a 100 metre lead. It was Stephen Murray from Cork Strata3/Velorevolution, but he’s been hauled back. A tight control is in evidence at this early point.[/live]

Despite what you see on television shows, most successful men are not also playboys. The strength and security you get from a trustworthy, loyal, encouraging partner are indescribable.

Whenever you aren’t worried about what other people think of you, it’s much easier to go forward unashamedly.

Following a 15 kilometre neutralised section, the race proper will begin in Clonee. The flag will drop at 12.30 and the riders will begin a 144.6 kilometre battle for the first yellow jersey.

High speeds are certain as the race moves through Dunshaughlin, Navan and then Bohermeen, where the first An Post hotspot sprint will take place 38.5 kilometres after the start. A second follows 7.4 kilometres later in Kells (km. 50.4), offering up more bonus seconds.

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